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Location of Job: Louisville, KY
When: Jun 9, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Dead Tree Removal, Limb Cutting
Brief Explanation

Dead trees are extremely dangerous to keep standing in your yard. The compromised nature of their root and trunk systems means that they are a huge liability during storms and high winds - potentially falling on homes, cars, people, etc.

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Dead trees can also attract termites and other pests to your home, potentially causing significant damage to your home.

The best solution, when dealing with a dead tree in your yard, is to remove it, safely and securely.

Spare The Sycamores

A recent customer had several dead trees that she needed removed from her yard. I had given her a quote for removing a couple dead trees last year, but had not heard back from her until this week. Once we got the approval to begin work, we quickly and safely removed the dead trees, while sparing the beautiful live sycamores that she still enjoys having in her yard.

Give A Gift And Save Money

Nancy wanted to keep the chopped wood, so we chopped it into small sections for her and piled it neatly in her yard. By doing this she saved money, and was able to gift the firewood to her friend.

Nancy was ecstatic that her ugly, dead trees were gone, and her yard was much safer, once we removed these big liabilities.

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(502) 804-2822
Louisville, KY
Client Testimonial
We had a tree fall during a storm. They were quick to respond and they worked with us on the price. They were super courteous and helpful. ~ Stephen Legge - Louisville, KY

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