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Date: Apr 8, 2021
“Mario's Tree Care was Absolutely AMAZING 1,000%. I TRULY appreciate Mario taking on my project of removing a Huge and I mean huge Maple tree in my front yard. It towered over my home. I initially found Mario's service first then my mom and dad found someone else and I tried to wait on that other person but he kept messing around. I finally went with Mario's and wished I'd done so the first time around as they were prompt, professional, and got the job done. He got me on the schedule like 2 days later after giving the ok. I was shocked and wasn't expecting it to be done until a couple of weeks. It would have been the next day but due to rain had to wait. If you are looking for someone to either trim or fully remove your small or huge tree, Mario's Tree Care is the one. They cleaned up the area nicely as well, even the stump removal was beyond my expectations. They go beneath the surface to the root. My house definitely looks great in the neighborhood, hopefully, the neighbors will ask who ground my stump so I can refer them to Mario's. Thank you Mario for such great service, I wish I had more trees for you to cut or trim but I don't, but do know if anyone should ask I will definitely send them your way. Sincerely One Happy Customer 😊” ~ Taylor C. - Lynnview, KY