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Location of Job: Louisville, KY
When: Jun 9, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Tree Removal
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Dead Tree Removal Louisville, KY
Brief Explanation

This customer had two dead Ash trees that were close to power lines. They needed to be removed.

Dead Tree Removal

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The most important factor in this job for us was to provide a safe environment for the homeowner. With the trees lying close to the power lines a significant threat of power loss was present.

The homeowner was willing to do some of the tree haul off work by himself in order to negotiate a lower price for the work. This request is something that we come across often and we're happy to accommodate.

For safety we used a boom lift to assist in cutting down this ash tree. Once cut, the logs were left for the homeowner, per the homeowner's instructions.

Not Sure If Your Tree Is Ash?

If you're trying to find out whether or not your tree is an ash, you can look at its branches. Ash tree branches have a characteristic opposing branches quality. You will find that the buds of branches on limbs are located directly opposite of another bud that is on the same limb.

The end result was a job well done, a safe environment, and a happy homeowner!

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Louisville, KY
Client Testimonial
We had a tree fall during a storm. They were quick to respond and they worked with us on the price. They were super courteous and helpful. ~ Stephen Legge - Louisville, KY

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