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Location of Job: Lousiville, KY
When: Oct 2, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Tree Removal
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Brief Explanation

This job took place along the fence line of our customer. The tree was dying and actively shedding its limbs. It is a good thing they called when they did.

Increased Safety

Have a look at a storm damaged tree that we took care of in the area.

Trees that are aged and dying are a big threat. The threat is heightened when the tree is located near property or persons. Luckily, in this case, the tree wasn't close to the home. The threat of property damage to their fence remained however.

If a tree is along a fence line it has the potential to damage or destroy it the fence. This customer was worried that the tree could ruin his fence line at any moment. Especially in the wake of storm or high winds.

Highly Skilled Team

Mario's Tree Care has been taking care of similar fence line tree removal in Louisville, KY for over 15 years. We established an effective plan of attack to bring down the tree without posing a threat to the beautiful property of our client.

First off, we climbed the tree and removed as many of the limbs as possible. Those limbs were then taken to the chipper and mulched down to facilitate disposal. Then we tied a lanyard to the top of the stripped tree and applied tension to direct the fall away from the fence.

When we were done, the homeowner was very pleased with the service. We cut the trunk down to a very short stump and cleaned up thoroughly.

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Louisville, KY
Client Testimonial
We had a tree fall during a storm. They were quick to respond and they worked with us on the price. They were super courteous and helpful. ~ Stephen Legge - Louisville, KY

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Beautiful Kentucky Countryside

Take a moment, after looking at the pictures of this job, to reflect on how beautiful Kentucky is. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and moderate temperatures when we began cutting this tree down.

We love Kentucky. This is home to us and our families. We have been here for over 15 years. It is a pleasure to help our local neighbors keep their properties pristine with excellent tree service.

Unbeatable Price

We won’t be beaten on price. To assure that, we offer a 10% discount off of any competitor’s bid. If you’re shopping around you can stop right now. You’ve found the best price offer with Mario’s Tree Care!